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Let's Work Together to Grow Your Business

A list of products to grow your business and make an impact in your community.

1-on-1 Virtual Consultation

$79 for 1 hour 

This service is best suited and beneficial for a new idea or brands looking to overcome a hurdle within their business. 


In this 1 hr virtual session, we will review your brand, create a SWOT analysis, and create objectives to execute on your goals.

Design Your Media Kit Course

$49 for Digital Course

Uncover your niche, speak directly to your target audience, design a media kit and learn how to pitch to the brands and businesses you love.

PR Ebook.jpg
PR 101 E-Book

$25 for the E-Book

"PR 101" is a simple guide for the small business owner who is considering public relations representation.


In a cut to the chase approach, this e-book explains thoroughly the duties of a public relations manager, and offers worksheets to identify if you're ready.

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